BunnyBots FAQ


How much does BunnyBots cost to attend?

Team 1540 charges $100 per robot to attend BunnyBots.  That pays for the course pieces, carpet wear and tear, and facility cleaning.  We waive the fee for teams for which that is a hardship.

How much does it cost to host?

We do our best to keep the hosting costs low both in terms of materials and stress.  BunnyBot games don't involve hard-to-fabricate field elements or expensive game pieces.  You'll need FRC-style industrial carpet and under $1,000 for the field construction and game pieces.

How much of a time commitment is it to build a BunnyBot?

The time commitment is the same as teams would spend working on a basic to mid-tier FRC robot, but spread out over three months. The first month is usually spent teaching new members how things work, and the other two are spent building the robot. The stakes are lower, so the stress is as well.

What materials are required?

The materials are identical to those necessary for an FRC robot; in fact, we encourage teams to reuse materials from their FRC robots. The materials rules are looser for BunnyBots in terms of control systems and motors. You can also use non-off-the-shelf items you happen to have hanging around. See older game rule sheets for details - these rules don't normally change year-to-year.

What's the calendar like?

The game is released September 1st, and the competition is in mid-late December, depending on the host team. There is no bag day, so to speak, just competition day.

This video is from 2009, but it gives a great idea of what BunnyBots is like


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