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Coaching FLL Teams

Catlin Gabel has one FRC team, and multiple FLL teams. Each FLL team is mentored by a current Team 1540 member. This arrangement has been ongoing since the initial year of FRC at Catlin. We help open young minds to intricacies and excitement of STEM at a time when many middle school students are liable to call engineering boring.


FLL Qualifying Tournaments

Team 1540 hosts two FLL qualifying tournaments on a single weekend in December. Around 40 teams compete, including Catlin’s FLL teams. Each day of competition, we set up and run practice tables, host a live video stream, and run the games.

This event helps the team reach out to members of the community who are unaware of FIRST. Team 1540 members have explained to countless people what FIRST is, and will continue to do so in the future. 

During the day, we also give tours of our robotics lab, nicknamed “The Outback.” We explain what FRC is and our schedule for the six week build season. Many FLL students have been re-inspired by simply watching our robot drive and function.


In 2007, Team 1540 created a tutorial for the NXT software used by FLL teams to program their robots. We have maintained it since then, and its popularity has exploded. Recently we have created a completely new tutorial for the LEGO EV3.  Both are the official tutorials for the Oregon Robotics Tournaments and Outreach Program (ORTOP). It are the first link on Google if you query ‘NXT tutorial’ or "EV3 Tutorial".  Check them out the tutorials here

Team members helping out with one of the FLL qualifying tournaments in December 2013

Team members helping out with one of the FLL qualifying tournaments in December 2013