Mentoring FRC Teams

Since 2006, we've mentored many FRC teams in our area.  It's really a passion of ours so feel free to reach out if you'd like our help.

Teams We've Mentored Since 2006 Include...

FRC 1823, Lincoln High School
FRC 2093, STEM Education Alliance
FRC 2374, Jesuit High School
FRC 2471, Camas High School
FRC 2550, Oregon City
FRC 2635, Lakeridge High School
FRC 2733, Cleveland High School
FRC 2811, Skyview
FRC 2915, Riverdale
FRC 3131, Gladstone
FRC 3636, Grant High School
FRC 3673, Seaside High School
FRC 3841, Gresham Salvation Army Team
FRC 4051, Sabin Schellenberg
FRC 4132, David Douglas, Springwater Trail, Sam Barlow, and Reynolds High School
FRC 5975, St. Mary's Academy
FRC 6831, Hood River
FRC 6845, Astoria