The annual BunnyBots competition is a cornerstone of the FRC preseason for teams in the PNW. The Flaming Chickens believe that the best way to learn about a robot is to build a robot; BunnyBots provides a 12-week build season in the fall to help make FIRST more of a year-round activity. Learning necessary skills in the fall, when the stakes are lower and time more relaxed, is a great way to get ready for the heat of build season. The result is a less chaotic build season with robots built more by students and less by mentors, with full participation by first-year members. For many students, this is their first experience making a FRC-quality robot, and our team is no exception to the rule! Here are a few of examples of the robots we built this year.

Linking Engineering and Philanthropy


Linking Engineering and Philanthropy (LEAP) is an off season event for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams designed to get students to apply their engineering skills to real-world problems in their communities. Over the course of a three month competition beginning in September, teams research, design, and prototype a solution to a given humanitarian problem provided by a partnering nonprofit. As FIRST likes to say, “It’s more than just robots.” 

By the end of a LEAP competition, teams will have fleshed out a tangible product or design to improves their community, but LEAP has an impact far beyond the single invention that teams come up with for the competition. Once teams have competed in LEAP, they will be able to further their project and implement in their communities on a larger scale. Through LEAP, students will have the necessary experience in developing and inventing for their own community, what we like to call, "Community Engineering."