As part of our outreach efforts to expand the community and range of FIRST Robotics, Team 1540 oversees many demos and outreach events to talk about the opportunities and experiences provided by FIRST.


          Portland Mini Maker Faire:

Every year since 2012, Team 1540 students have presented our robot at OMSI's Mini Maker Faire or Maker Faire to spread STEM and FIRST to broader audiences. As a result of collaborating with FRC and FTC teams alike, presenting at Maker Faire gives Flaming Chickens the opportunity to work with regular competitors as colleagues, thus simultaneously furthering and expanding the FIRST community. 


          LEGO Events:

Team 1540 hosts two FLL qualifying tournaments on a single weekend in December every year. Around 40 teams compete, including Catlin’s FLL teams. Each day of competition, we set up and run practice tables, host a live video stream, and run the games. This event helps the team reach out to members of the community who are unaware of FIRST. Team 1540 members have explained to countless people what FIRST is, and will continue to do so in the future. During the day, we also give tours of our robotics lab, nicknamed “The Outback.” We explain what FRC is and our schedule for the six week build season. Many FLL students have been re-inspired by simply watching our robot drive and function.

To connect with students and teachers all over the world, we created online LEGO programming tutorials on our resource website, STEMCentric.com. With over one million views, these tutorials have provided teachers around the world, regardless of their experience with robotics, with an effective teaching mechanism to inspire kids and introduce them to STEM.