2011- LOGOmotion

This year, teams are each issued inflatables of three different shapes of the FIRST logo, one red triangle, one white circle, and one blue square. Robots must take these inflatable tubes and hang them on three level racks at either end of the field. The top level racks are worth 3 points, the middle 2, and the lowest is worth 1. Lining up the inflatables to form the FIRST logo doubles the score of the row. Teams need to be careful to get the logo right however -- and to refresh all your memories: triangle, circle, square. FIRST also incorporated a special "neon" colored circle inflatable which can only be used during autonomous. This doubles the score of any inflatable placed on the same peg.

Another key part to the game are the 4 towers located near the center of the field. Towers are inactive until the last 15 seconds, when they begin to flash. Teams are allowed to approach the towers and deploy minibots when the towers become a steady color (at 10 seconds). The first minibot to reach the top receives 30 points, the second 25, the third 20, and the fourth 15.


The Robot


 After many days of designing, the Flaming Chickens began to  build Thunder, the prototype for Lightning. Obstacles arose and  challenges were faced, but the Flaming Chickens overcame each  and every one to construct the ideal robot.

 Lightning is fully loaded to be a fast and capable scorer in  LOGOMOTION. It features Team 1540′s first 6WD robot with  shifting transmissions for blistering speed in high gear and strong  pushing ability in low gear. Lighting has a jointed arm to allow for  quick and easy scoring, as well as to protect the game piece as it  flies across the field. Lightning has a pneumatic minibot  deployment mechanism for quick launches, as well as a  transparent claw for easy ground loading and tube placement.  Lighting also has a 3 LED matrix on the front to aid the feeders in  game piece delivery. All of these features are aided by a 3 camera  set up for maximum spacial awareness on the field. Overall,  Lighting is one of the cleanest and most complete robots that our  program has ever created!