2013 - Ultimate Ascent

This year, the challenge at hand is different than any challenge encountered before: teams must build robots that can successfully throw a frisbee into scoring goals at the end of each field, as well as attempt to climb a pyramid structure. The match is played with two alliances of three teams each, and the teams have 2 minutes and 15 seconds to score as many points as they can.

We proudly present this year's robot, Inferno!


Below is a short video highlighting our autonomous mode and shooting speed.

...and another one just to show that we can actually make those shots :)

119.65 lbs.
Dimensions (l x w x h):
can drive under pyramid
29” x 27” x 23” (arm extends to 38.5”)

Drive Train:
six 4” VEXpro Versa wheels
Speed (ft/s):
8.6 (high gear), 3.3 (low gear)
hangs on first level using pnuematics
Human Loading:
can load on front of robot through 42” slot
Frisbee Pickup:
can pick up 2 Frisbees at once
scoop mechanism with actuating jaw
second camera to help driver see Frisbees
3-wheeled linear shooter, manual 24º vertical range of motion
live camera feed and overlaid target outlines assist driver aiming
scores up to 42 points by collecting disks underneath pyramid
can score preloaded disks from anywhere on the pyramid
can use various preset modes, and can use Kinect