2018 - POWER UP

This year's FIRST Robotics Competition game, POWER UP, allots points for robots who are in control of either the main scale, or their own switch. The robots control the scale by shooting cubes onto it to make it heavier on their side. For more information on the rules of FIRST POWER UP, consult the game manual here.

Presenting the Flaming Chickens'  2018 Robot:  Pandora




6-wheel drive (4 tractions, 2 omnis) 6” diameter wheels
6 775 Pros in custom gearboxes
Top speed = 13 fps


Independently driven articulating arms
4” compliant wheels for grip
Can grab cubes in 13” and 11” orientations
Mounted on a “wrist” to rotate down over bumpers and back through elevator
Can deposit cubes at front or back of robot


2 stages
Made from 1x1 80-20 and uses 80-20 rollers
Can double stack cubes when scale is in highest position