2019 Game - Destination: Deep Space

2019 Robot:  Phineas


6-wheel 2+4 tank drive with 6" wheels to traverse Hab platform

6 775pros in custom single-speed gearboxes with a top speed of 13 fps


Single stage to reach loading station, cargo ship, and 2nd level of rocket


2 NEO motors with position PID control to reach full height of 28 inches in less than one second


Motorized with pneumatic assist

Pivots down for floor acquisition of hatches and cargo


Extra-wide intake with mecanum wheels to quickly center cargo

Can intake from floor or from loading station

Photoelectric sensor to detect ball and automatically stop rollers


Pneumatically actuated grabber grabs center of hatch from floor or loading station

Spring-loaded pivot allows for misalignment

Extends past bumpers for scoring and pickup

Stows in compact package underneath cargo intake


Motorized arms with twin 775pros to lift against Hab platform

Rear pneumatic cylinder lowers wheels to lift back of the robot

Arm wheels connected to drivetrain with timing belts

High-traction wheels to increase grip against Hab plastic

NavX-MXP IMU for advanced pitch stabilization during climb

Can climb Hab Level 3 in under ten seconds


Written in Java using our library, ROOSTER

Automatic lineup using Limelight vision tracking

180-degree fisheye camera with H.264 streaming for high resolution and low latency during sandstorm and teleop