This year's FIRST Robotics Competition game, STEAMWORKS, allots points for robots that shoot fuel (wiffle balls) into a boiler, placing gears onto an airship, and climbing a rope onto the airship at the end of the game. If at the end of teleop an alliance has filled the boiler up to a pressure of 40 kPa, or if all rotors on the airship are turning,  a large point bonus is awarded. For more information on the rules of FIRST STEAMWORKS, consult the game manual here.

Presenting the Flaming Chickens'  2017 Robot:  Hen Solo



Drive Train:

6-wheel west coast drive drop center
6 775 Pros
Top speed = 13 fps


80% accuracy
Speed balls per second
2 775 pros
3 in. Colson flywheel
Shoot from base of boiler for ease of alignment and protection against defense
Belt feeder and indexer capable of holding up to 5 balls
45+ ball holding capacity

Gear mechanism:

Passive chute to intake gears from feeder station
Servo drop release system for quick deployment on peg independent of pilot


18-in wide floor intake
Climbing mechanism can climb rope in  < 5 seconds
Winch with velcro acquisition system