2016 - Stronghold

This year's FIRST Robotics Competition game, Stronghold, allots varying points for teams to cross defenses, transport boulders to a castle where they may either score it in a low or high goal. If at the end of teleop an alliance has damaged four out of the five obstacles in the Outer Works, meaning it has crossed over four defenses twice, the defenses are considered "breached," and a large point bonus is awarded. Additionally, at the end of teleop, teams may "capture" for a similarly large point bonus if the alliance has scored eight total balls into the high or low goal. 

Presenting the Flaming Chickens' 2016 Robot: Zuko


Drive Train:

  • 6-CIM single speed
  • Top speed of 15 fps


  • Capable of a full solo breach, regardless of field configuration


  • High goal
  • Flywheel design (heavy for stable shooting)
  • Dual cameras attached to base for accuracy


  • Ground pickup works from field and human player station
  • Low goal capable


  • 8-inch pneumatic traction wheels, moves over all defenses with ease


  • Sophisticated power management to prevent brownouts