The Need for JuiceBoxes:

Portland has a large homeless community. A houseless person, unlike a homeless person, is someone who lives in a safe, insulated shelter, but still lacks modern necessities like electricity, electric light, running water, and most importantly a permanent home. Organizations have built communities of small pods to give these citizens permanent shelter and safety. However, these communities lack power. We install JuiceBoxes into these pods to give these people light and energy, which can be used to charge their phones, (which are crucial when searching for employment. Our team has already installed 70 JuiceBoxes, and we plan to install 30 more JuiceBoxes by this spring. JuiceBox provides green, efficient, and sustainable electricity for off-grid shelter pods for houseless individuals. 


What is a JuiceBox?

  • Each shelter "pod" is equipped with a 100W solar panel that delivers power to the JuiceBox, mounted inside. 

  • The power of the sun is harnessed to charge an 18 AH 12V battery. Batteries are recycled from FIRST Robotics teams.

  • This power can then be used to power devices that plug into a wall outlet  (120V AC, 300W max) or 12V DC automotive accessory socket.

  • The battery also powers a bright LED light bar mounted on the front of the JuiceBox, perfect for illuminating rooms at night, and extending the day of the user.


Who makes JuiceBoxes?

JuiceBoxes are produced by members of the youth-led nonprofit organization Shine.

Shine organizes with volunteers, corporate sponsors including Autodesk and eBay, and people transitioning out of homelessness themselves to build and install JuiceBoxes in tiny house villages across the Portland area.