WashPod provides off-the-grid and transportable laundry and shower facilities to the previously houseless population. Currently, there are communities of small pods around Portland, Oregon, which provide shelter for the previously houseless while they search for jobs and homes. However, the lack of laundry facilities often makes it difficult for members to make themselves presentable for job interviews and make a good impression in the world. Poor hygiene might impose a bad impression onto an employer, causing an otherwise qualified community member to lose a great opportunity. WashPod seeks to remove that negative factor by allowing members to easily clean themselves and their clothes. WashPod is installed at the Right 2 Dream Too (R2D2) pod village, a non-profit organization that provides a place for Portland's unhoused community to sleep.

Student Built

The first WashPod prototype was built by our Community Engineering team. A group of 10 students worked to design, fundraise for, and build the first WashPod. 



Environmentally Friendly

WashPod uses a unique hybrid power generation system to maximize efficiency and sustainability while remaining affordable. 

WashPod also uses a custom built graywater filtration system to minimize its impact on the environment. This purified wastewater will be used on-board to water a hydroponics garden, and will provide sustainably sourced food to WashPod's community.



WashPod was engineered for mobility and reliability, and only uses the most reliable and safe power sources and construction materials.

WashPod can be attached to any vehicle capable of towing at least 7000 pounds (this estimate is just to ensure that you are on the safe side).